Month: May 2022

Smart Footprint

Today in Cybersmart Rooms 12 and 13 learnt about digital footprints and to be sensible about what they do on their computer. They discovered that all sites they have been on can be viewed in their computer’s history. They looked through this in the last 24 hours and created a digital footprint map on Google Draw. This lesson linked back to the “Right place, right time” lesson. Below are a few examples.

Room 24 Wonder Project

Kia ora readers,

This week Matamua have been getting into their Wonder Project Rocket challenges.  Over the next 5 weeks all the senior classes will be planning, designing, and launching their very own rockets. Jack, the Room 24 ambassador talked to the class about keeping safe around our launch pad, what hazards we have to look out for, and how to problem solve when something unexpected happens. We also discussed what is going to make our rockets go high or far into the air. In this case, we are using air pressure or PSI and water as our propulsion.

After a rocky start, and with the help of a parent all the crews managed to launch their first rocket from the launch pad. Afterwards the class wrote down what they observed, what they wondered they might do differently, and how they felt about launching their first rocket. Safe to say all the students are looking forward to their next session.

Take a look at the video below to see one of our launches.