Room 24 Wonder Project

Kia ora readers,

This week Matamua have been getting into their Wonder Project Rocket challenges.  Over the next 5 weeks all the senior classes will be planning, designing, and launching their very own rockets. Jack, the Room 24 ambassador talked to the class about keeping safe around our launch pad, what hazards we have to look out for, and how to problem solve when something unexpected happens. We also discussed what is going to make our rockets go high or far into the air. In this case, we are using air pressure or PSI and water as our propulsion.

After a rocky start, and with the help of a parent all the crews managed to launch their first rocket from the launch pad. Afterwards the class wrote down what they observed, what they wondered they might do differently, and how they felt about launching their first rocket. Safe to say all the students are looking forward to their next session.

Take a look at the video below to see one of our launches.

6 thoughts on “Room 24 Wonder Project

  1. What super cool learning you are all doing. I have heard many of you talk about it when out on duty. I can tell that there is some excitement around the whole project.

    How lucky you all are to be exposed to this great opportunity. So much learning going on. I love how you are all learning something new, creating ways to make improvements and then sharing your learning.

    I wonder if the size of the bottle or the amount of wind makes a difference to how well your rocket flies.

    Looking forward to hearing about some more of the cool learning that is happening around this cool project.

    Mrs Tipelu

    1. Kia ora Mrs Tipelu,

      Thanks for commenting. Those are some great wonderings, we have been discussing those in class as well.

  2. Kia ora room 24.I liked the way you explained what happened and put the video to show us.This reminds me of when I did it.To improve next time you could tell us the process of making the rockets.Why did you only put one video?

  3. Konichiwa room 24.
    I think you did really well and seeing how far and high the rocket went was amazing.I hope you get the next session really soon and you must have had so much fun launching the rockets.The video reminded me when I launched my rocket.I think you could put more videos of the rockets or do a montage of the rockets.

  4. Kia Ora Room 24,

    I liked how you explained how you launched it and you also explained the hazards pretty well. Next time, put more videos so we know which succeeded the most. How did they fly so well? But overall it was pretty well explained. Ka Pai Room 24.

  5. hola room 24, i like how you launched it safely and also ran to get it or to see how far it went one think you shoud maybe should of wait of a bit before you ran to get it

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