Room 13 Calendar Art

Room 13 used different mediums to create their calenda Art i.e. of a cat and moon art piece.

14 thoughts on “Room 13 Calendar Art

  1. WOW Room 13,
    I really love the colours that you used when making these cool pictures. I can see that you have used a lot of different techniques to make the final piece. They look amazing. I am sure that many of you will buy them. They would make such a great present for a grandparent for Christmas or a birthday. Super cool work . I can’t wait to see what other learing that you do this term.
    Mrs Tipelu

    1. Thank you a lot Mrs Tipelu for commenting on my class blog. I also wonder what your class did i bet it would be as good as ours.

      1. Hi there,
        We used our hands and made a love heart. Then we used warm and cold colours to add more detail. Your welcome to come and have a look if you like.

        Mrs Tipleu

    2. Hi Mrs Tipelu, Thanks for commenting on the Matamua blog. I think their art is really good too. What did Room 7 do for calendar art?

      1. Hi there,

        Room 7 had lots of fun making their calander art. We used ouir hands and then coloured them using warm and cold colours. We made a heart with our hands.

    3. Thank you Mrs Tipelu for the amazing comment that you gave us. Do you think there is anything that we need to work on?

  2. Hi there,

    I love your art the way it is, Sometimes when you start adding more detail you spoil your art. So for me this peice of art I would just keep it the way it is as it look cool.

  3. WOW,
    Room 13, those looked amazing. I loved how you guys put a cat on a tree with the background as a silhouette. keep up the amazing and great work! Ka Kite.
    Kind Regards,

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