Room 11’s Wacky New Windsor school

What happened to New Windsor School, everything is wacky! Wacky here Wacky there, look at the sky!!! It sure is hot over here, I am sweating! Lets check this school out and see everything. Wait, we were just looking at some slides. Who made these?


Oh! Check out Room 11’s magnificent slides on wacky New Windsor School, where Everything is wacky. During Book week Sarah (Faisal’s mum) read to us Wacky Wednesday. So we decided to have our own Wacky New Windsor school.

Please do comment and tell us about our book.


2 thoughts on “Room 11’s Wacky New Windsor school

  1. Wow Rm 11,
    THESE SLIDES ARE AMAZING! With two suns it sure is weird! I wish that some of the wacky things were a bit better! I liked how you guys got inspired and decided to make a book of your own!
    Ka Kite,

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