Day: October 20, 2022

Room 23 Resilience – Don’t Give It Up

During Term 3 Room 23 worked hard on creating a dance based around our school’s value of Resilience.

Everyone played a part in creating this movie. Some were tasked with creating the dance and performing the dance. Whilst others came up with interview questions and others most took part as cameramen.

Finally everyone in our class created their own movie from all the footage that was gathered.

Enjoy our efforts…

Room 24’s Film Festival

Kia ora koutou Readers,

During Term 3, Room 24 (and most of New Windsor School to be fair) participated in the Ako Hiko Film Festival.  Room 24 decided to either work in groups, pairs, or independently on a film of their choosing. Room 24 planned, shot, and edited their films without help from Mr Jones to show resilience, which is the focus for Term 3 at New Windsor School. Week 9 came around and we were able to make several films of different genres and types.

Check out the awesome work below:

Charmy & Diana


Ibrahim & Omar

Muzakkir, Ellie, Amelia, Olivia, & Keira



Devyn & Mila

Nathan, Noah, Semisi, Spencer, Chloe, Ethan, Rikhil & Elvis

Room 11 and Room 3’s Film festival.

Room 11 and Room 3 spent 4 weeks working on their Film Festival. They came up with a story, wrote their own script, discussed their props and locations and then practiced their parts. After working days and days together they filmed their act and put them together as a movie. Here are some movies for you to watch.