Room 11 and Room 3’s Film festival.

Room 11 and Room 3 spent 4 weeks working on their Film Festival. They came up with a story, wrote their own script, discussed their props and locations and then practiced their parts. After working days and days together they filmed their act and put them together as a movie. Here are some movies for you to watch.

2 thoughts on “Room 11 and Room 3’s Film festival.

  1. Kia ora Rooms 11 and 3. Wow, what a cool range of films! I enjoyed the Whacky Room 11 slides and think your choice of music was perfect! I wonder if other classes would enjoy these as little challenges? The Lost Boy was really impressive. I liked the mixture of animation and regular filming. And the Princess Story had some great shots. Ka pai, you obviously collaborated very well and put a lot of work into these films!

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