Room 23 Resilience – Don’t Give It Up

During Term 3 Room 23 worked hard on creating a dance based around our school’s value of Resilience.

Everyone played a part in creating this movie. Some were tasked with creating the dance and performing the dance. Whilst others came up with interview questions and others most took part as cameramen.

Finally everyone in our class created their own movie from all the footage that was gathered.

Enjoy our efforts…

4 thoughts on “Room 23 Resilience – Don’t Give It Up

  1. Kia ora room 23
    I really liked your movie about Resilience I think this is a very good way to give people a thing in their head to say I don’t wanna give up, plus in a movie might motivate them a bit more. I really enjoyed watching the dance that you guys did ,
    I liked the shots that you guys did ,very good actions and I really liked the music. Maybe next time you could do another song that includes don’t give up otherwise it’s really good.

    By: Khadija

  2. Kia ora Room 23. What a cool idea for a film. I love the way you shared the whole process of creating your dance. All your hard work and collaboration really came through. One tip would be to make sure you’re filming landscape so we can see your amazing footage as clearly as possible.

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