Year: 2022


Today Room 11 had an opportunity to play Hungerball. It is an amazing fun game. When we were playing Hungerball we had such a good time. I’m sure everyone in Room 11 would agree. Everyone was either playing or cheering on their friends. We were playing in an Inflatable Arena.That was really an Exercise in Disguise.It also tested our Goal Skills.

Room 11’s

Kia Ora,

This week we made a Korowai. A Korowai is a cloak that Maori chiefs wear and is made out of feathers, but in Room 11, we stapled it to the wall. Mrs Ghosh gave us 2 paper feathers to write; one thing respectful that we do and one thing respectful that we are working on. Then Mrs Ghosh glued them on to a black piece of paper and put some banner and Voila! There it was!  We decided to take a photo of it. We went to the Fale and took a photo with it.

Cloud in a jar

Room 12 made a cloud in a jar for science. They put boiling water in a jar with ice cubes on top in a tin foil plate. After 20 seconds they removed the ice cubes, sprayed hair spray inside the jar, then replaced the ice. Check out their results.

Room 11’s Acrostic Poem.

Room 11 has been working on how to write an acrostic poem. The acrostic poem topic was our first name. We drafted it in our writing books and then created a slide presentation for the whole class. The success criteria for each slide was to have our Acrostic Poem with our first name, added a background that represents that we like or represents us, then we typed our name in our language and then we had to screencastify explaining what an Acrostic Poem is and our slide. We had a look and gave feedback for the slides and then we posted it on our blogs. Don’t forget to visit our amazing blogs and leave a comment, PLEASE

Room 11’s Tapa cloth

For Samoan language week, Room 11  made  Tapa cloth. The success criteria for their Tapa cloth were; the Tapa cloth should have symmetrical patterns  and it should have symbols that are significant from  their culture. Here is a photo of the finished product. If you want to know about their Tapa cloth, do visit their blogs.