Film Festival Challenges

Malo e lelei
The last few weeks we have been getting ready for film festival. We had to create a storyboard and a script as a group.
Some of the challenges we faced include:

  1. Background noise
  2. Sharing of storyboards so we could be collaborative
  3. People Away
  4. Forgetting lines
  5. Weather
  6. Working together Collaboratively
  7. Flat iPads

Issue 1 and 4 – Refilming solved a few problems such as background noise and forgetting lines.

Issue 2 – We couldn’t share the storyboard from Storyboard that, but the teacher could. Another way would be to storyboard using slides

Issue 3 and 5 – Film other shots where the person wasn’t needed or it could be done inside.

Issue 6 – Stay calm, listen if need be, and take a break.

Issue 7 – Create a method./routine to ensure they are charged.

Here are some examples of the scripts we came up with from across the class


Buddy Reading!

Morena everyone!

Last week Mrs Tipelu asked me if room 13 would like to do a couple of buddy reading sessions with her class (Room 21) after morning tea.


I jumped at the offer as I thought it would be a great opportunity for my seniors to show how responsible they are… and they did not disappoint!


Both classes did an amazing job! Room 21 read well and room 13 asked some great questions to their younger peers to answer.


Here are some photos that showed what we did.

Getting inspired for speeches!

Room 11 have been preparing for speeches this term.

Today we watched an incredible speech by Malala Yusafzai as she advocated for education for all. We listened as she told her extraordinary story of how she came to be in the position she is now. Following a class discussion we added our thoughts to large pieces of paper as we considered what makes this such a powerful speech.

Take a look at what we shared.

Here is the speech if you would like to get inspired too!


Mr Mani’s first camp with New Windsor School

Kia ora e te whanau,

Last week (Week 6) was New Windsor School’s year 6 camp at Chosen Valley. It was an hour away from our school which wasn’t too bad! The start of the journey was a bit slow but once we were on the motorway, we were off!


We were super lucky to have great weather during our camp. However, the grounds were still quite muddy and the evenings were pretty cold! Lucky I had a very warm sleeping bag that my brother-in-law lent me. That saved me from freezing throughout the night.


On the first day, I was assigned to kayaking with a parent who was brave enough to be in the water. I had to congratulate the first group of the day as the water was like ice! 99% of the students that were kayaking jumped in the water so I was impressed with their bravery.


The second day I had the pleasure of propelling the children down a massive water slide that ended up in the lake. Again I was impressed by the year 6’s bravery as it was even colder on this day! Luckily there were no injuries as I was trying very hard to make them go skimming across the lake!


Overall, it was an unforgettable experience that will forever be embedded in my memory.  It was safe to say that most of us went straight to bed when we got home as our bodies were put to the test like never before


Mataamua fun with visiting AFL coaches

Mataamua had an awesome session on Wednesday with the AFL coaches. They were put through their paces with tagging games and sprints. The focus from the coaches was on listening carefully to instructions and managing themselves on the court. They did an awesome job! Ka rawe te mahi ngātahi!

Cybersmart – Smart Passphrases

Kia ora koutou,

Today in Cybersmart with Phil we have been learning about Smart Passphrases. Here are some top tips about how to create a smart passphrase from Arnav and Shael. They are still working on them but I’m sure they’d love some feedback…

What do you think? Do you have some other top tips about smart passphrases.