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Mr Mani’s first camp with New Windsor School

Kia ora e te whanau,

Last week (Week 6) was New Windsor School’s year 6 camp at Chosen Valley. It was an hour away from our school which wasn’t too bad! The start of the journey was a bit slow but once we were on the motorway, we were off!


We were super lucky to have great weather during our camp. However, the grounds were still quite muddy and the evenings were pretty cold! Lucky I had a very warm sleeping bag that my brother-in-law lent me. That saved me from freezing throughout the night.


On the first day, I was assigned to kayaking with a parent who was brave enough to be in the water. I had to congratulate the first group of the day as the water was like ice! 99% of the students that were kayaking jumped in the water so I was impressed with their bravery.


The second day I had the pleasure of propelling the children down a massive water slide that ended up in the lake. Again I was impressed by the year 6’s bravery as it was even colder on this day! Luckily there were no injuries as I was trying very hard to make them go skimming across the lake!


Overall, it was an unforgettable experience that will forever be embedded in my memory.  It was safe to say that most of us went straight to bed when we got home as our bodies were put to the test like never before


Cybersmart – Smart Passphrases

Kia ora koutou,

Today in Cybersmart with Phil we have been learning about Smart Passphrases. Here are some top tips about how to create a smart passphrase from Arnav and Shael. They are still working on them but I’m sure they’d love some feedback…

What do you think? Do you have some other top tips about smart passphrases.


A moment in time

Year 6 E.O.T.C. Experience!

Kia ora Readers!

What a week it has been. After nearly 3 years our Year 6’s finally get a camp experience. This year we decided to go to M.E.R.C. in Long Bay; a new location that New Windsor has not gone to before.

Our seniors spent their afternoons before camp in their camp groups practicing a skit item to perform in front of each other.

Monday morning:

7.30 we met up and loaded all our luggage onto the coaches for a 8am departure from school. Traffic wasn’t too bad and we managed to get to M.E.R.C. just on 9am. Our students met with their instructors and went straight to their activities.

We had Deep Sea Survival (not as scary as it sounds), Surfing, Bush Survival, Giants Ladder, and Abseiling. Safe to say the students were shattered by the end of day one.


After a night on some very wobbly and loud bunkbeds our students got to their second day of activities, with the addition of Kayaking and Archery . Tuesday night was our concert where the groups performed their item to much amusement from the parents.


Our final day at M.E.R.C. The groups did their final activities and then came together for a walk along the rocky shore where they got to look at rock pools and all the little critters that live there.  We gathered one last time for a group photo and then loaded back onto the buses for a very quiet ride back.

Thank you to all our whanau that came with us on the trip and supported us with fundraising throughout Term 3. This would not have been possible without you!

Check out these photos!

Room 23 Resilience – Don’t Give It Up

During Term 3 Room 23 worked hard on creating a dance based around our school’s value of Resilience.

Everyone played a part in creating this movie. Some were tasked with creating the dance and performing the dance. Whilst others came up with interview questions and others most took part as cameramen.

Finally everyone in our class created their own movie from all the footage that was gathered.

Enjoy our efforts…