Film Festival Challenges

Malo e lelei
The last few weeks we have been getting ready for film festival. We had to create a storyboard and a script as a group.
Some of the challenges we faced include:

  1. Background noise
  2. Sharing of storyboards so we could be collaborative
  3. People Away
  4. Forgetting lines
  5. Weather
  6. Working together Collaboratively
  7. Flat iPads

Issue 1 and 4 – Refilming solved a few problems such as background noise and forgetting lines.

Issue 2 – We couldn’t share the storyboard from Storyboard that, but the teacher could. Another way would be to storyboard using slides

Issue 3 and 5 – Film other shots where the person wasn’t needed or it could be done inside.

Issue 6 – Stay calm, listen if need be, and take a break.

Issue 7 – Create a method./routine to ensure they are charged.

Here are some examples of the scripts we came up with from across the class


2 thoughts on “Film Festival Challenges

  1. Malo Lelei Matamua team woah that must be very tiring work that you have to do I hope you do a good job having the festival good job.

    By Amorangi In LS1 In Panmure Bridge School

  2. Talofa Lava matamua, I like how you guys fixed some of the problems while creatin g your movie. Your blog post reminds me of making one for the school and fixing some problems that isn’t right. Have you considered making the issues right?

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