Cloud in a jar

Room 12 made a cloud in a jar for science. They put boiling water in a jar with ice cubes on top in a tin foil plate. After 20 seconds they removed the ice cubes, sprayed hair spray inside the jar, then replaced the ice. Check out their results.

13 thoughts on “Cloud in a jar

  1. What a super cool learning experience. It is amazing how some of the simple things we have at home like hairspray and jars and create a cloud in a jar. I wonder how many of you did this same activity at home and go the same results. It would be really interesting to know? Perhaps you could blog about it if you did,

    Mrs Tipelu

  2. Kia ora Room 12. I liked the way you explained how to make the cloud. You took me back when I did this (I’m in Room 12) . To improve you could explain what the black paper did or if it only works with those types of jars.

  3. Kia ora , Those are really cool pictures! It definitely reminds me of clouds, maybe you could explain what the paper did just wondering.

  4. Hi Room 12. Your experiment was so cool. The title was very interesting and the photos hooked the readers into it. It reminds me of when I mix warm and cold water together. Maybe you can add some questions next time. What made you want to do this experiment?

    By Devanshi

  5. Hello Rm 12,
    I like how You experimented very satisfying. It reminded me of when I did science. Next time maybe you could tell us you’re opinion about the experiment.
    Was it fun or super duper fun.?

  6. Ki ora room 11,
    I absolutely love how many different colors there are on the Korowai. There isn’t really anything else to say it is just stunning, How do you make it look so amazing?

  7. Hi Rm 12,
    what an awesome science experiment.
    I love how it looks when you see the cloud floating around in the jar.
    It reminds me of when I was a year 2 and I did this with Mrs. D’souza.
    Maybe next time could you give your opinion on whether it was fun or not?

  8. Hello room 12, I love your clouds in a jar. I love the way you put the hair spay into the jar. You guys are so creative. Next time I think you should take more photos and write more because I loved reading it.
    Goodbye room 12 can’t wait till your next post

  9. Kia ora room 12, I like the way you guys picked the cloud in a jar experiment and maybe after you guys did it in a jar you should’ve tried it in a bigger jar, and this reminded me about nanogirl when I did a science experiment in lockdown . I also like how you showed the photos. Next time you could have written more so we could understand more.

  10. Hi!
    I really like it! It looks so fun! I wonder when room 11 can do that. But I really like how it shows how it looks :D!

  11. Hi room 12. Your cloud in a jar looks amazing! I wish I could do that for science..

    Do you know why this happens?

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