Room 11’s

Kia Ora,

This week we made a Korowai. A Korowai is a cloak that Maori chiefs wear and is made out of feathers, but in Room 11, we stapled it to the wall. Mrs Ghosh gave us 2 paper feathers to write; one thing respectful that we do and one thing respectful that we are working on. Then Mrs Ghosh glued them on to a black piece of paper and put some banner and Voila! There it was!  We decided to take a photo of it. We went to the Fale and took a photo with it.

One thought on “Room 11’s

  1. Hello Room 11,
    I love how you thought of the idea of using feathers that have one thing respectful that you do and one thing respectful that we are working to make a Korowai. The Korowai turned out really well! My class (Room 12) also did it too, we did something that describes yourself instead of what your class did. It was fun and creative and I really enjoyed doing it! Next time you can maybe make another one using different words, I think it will be very cool!

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