Should Junk Food be allowed at school Room 13

7 thoughts on “Should Junk Food be allowed at school Room 13

  1. Wow, Room 13. I liked how you guys precisely described why we are allowed to bring junk food or not. I also liked how it was kinda funny. I wished that maybe you could put more reasons.
    Ka Kite,

  2. hola i love how you add good reasons for why we should not have junk food and i also like how you added full stops and capital letter but i think we should have a little but of junk food but this is my opinion so when we have junk food like with suger then we can better better at sport we do at school

  3. Hello Room 13! Your post is really good. I love how you all have different opinions. I think that we should have junk food but only in small amounts so that we don’t get too hyper.

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